Business Formation, Planning and Transactions


Starting or Reorganizing a Business?  Control planning is crucial to business formation, perhaps more important than tax planning.  Ironing out the details and addressing them in writing can prevent internal disputes or provide the means to resolve them without imploding the business.  We advise on forming as a limited liability company (LLC), partnership or S corporation, walking clients through all the considerations:

- Ownership, management and voting rights (control)

- Terms of the operating, partnership or shareholder agreement

- Corporate tax considerations

- Personal liability

- Start-up financing and growth planning

- Exit strategies and transferability of interest

Transactions and Contracts.  At the Law Offices of Paul R. Poulsen we have experience handling multi-million dollar transactions, but even a small-scale business deal can fall apart or result in litigation.  We pay attention to the details in negotiation, drafting and review of contracts and agreements for every aspect of operations:

- Mergers and acquisitions

- Buy-sell agreements

- Leasing, purchases and liquidations